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  1. Repair
    Our owner has a strong background in rug weaving. He uses his professional expertise to repair your rugs with care. We also utilize a team of masterweavers overseas that can make even the most difficult repairs cost-efficient.
  2. Cleaning & Deodorizing
    We can handle almost any type of rug and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional cleaning service. We specialize in hand washing, hand cleaning, and dry cleaning. We make sure that we remove any dirt/fine grains from your rug before we clean it to ensure that we preserve the original texture of your rug while keeping your rug looking fresh and new. We can solve even tough stains. (Ex: Red Wine, Coffee, Pets, etc.)
  3. Pickup & Delivery
    We offer free pickup and delivery services in the Memphis area.
  4. Moth Proofing
    Our mothproofing service will guard your rug against wool moths and other pests, such as crickets, carpet beetles, and silverfish by making the wool fibers inedible to larvae. We use non-toxic products that will not damage your rug; it’s safe for pets and humans alike, and will keep the natural dyes of your rug's wool bright and vibrant.
  5. Rug Pads
    Our quality rug pads absorb the impact from foot traffic, preventing damage to the foundation of your rug. They thereby serve a dual purpose: 1) They help keep your rug from damage longer; and 2) They give your rug a more comfortable, cushioned feel.
  6. Consultations
    Before we do any cleaning or repair work, we will meet with you, in person, to make sure that there are no surprises in store. We want you, our customer, to be informed about the process your rug will go thru.